Light Box!

I followed (vaguely) some instructions for creating your own light box today. Basically, I cut out the sides of a box, covered them in tissue paper, and inserted a piece of white cardboard for a backdrop. I still need to play with it, but I’m very pleased.

At first, I didn’t have the top hole cut large enough and I couldn’t get enough light in the front:too-dark emerald

So I cut the hole bigger:

Which is a fantastic improvement. But when I brought the photos into Photoshop, there’s still a huge gap in the white balance. I definitely need a second light, but I couldn’t find one anywhere in the house that I was willing to unplug. I guess it’s off to Zellers today!


I also took some photos of the Labradorite pendant I made in the same style. One in the light box, looking very bland:

And one in my hand under a direct light to show the brilliance of the labradorescence (the top flash actually gets redder in certain light:

I don’t think I could love these two pendants more. Also new on the worktable recently: Crowns! Ok, just one for now, but the second one is already better than the first. This one isn’t really great, but I learned a lot from it and it’s pretty cute.
Crown Front
First - Side

That’s all the jewellery news today. In other news:

  • I have a doctor!
  • I closed my eyes at 10:33pm last night neither opened them nor moved until 7am this morning. Then I rolled over and slept for another hour and a half. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve slept through the night in my whole life.
  • I joined the gym pool! There is a gym there but it’s mostly the pool that’s making me giddy. It’s right next to my office, so I don’t even have to move my car. I might even jump on the bicycle machine for a while, as that’s what the physiotherapist had me doing for my knee. And then into the pool. And then the hot tub oh my.
  • I had a fresh mango/kiwi smoothie for breakfast. Yum.
  • There’s a jewellery fabrication class two weekends in February. A workshop! that’s not at 2pm on a Tuesday! I can actually GO and LEARN stuff like silver sheet and soldering and such!

Aaaaand… that’s about it.