July 9, 2019 Look. I don’t know. I spent one year making more money at my business than before, but it wasn’t enough. Then I spent another year making not quite as much as the first year, and it definitely wasn’t enough. I got a part time job and it … Read More ›

March 12, 2020

The Gift of Time

“How do you like your new job?” “How’s the new life?” “Are you enjoying your freedom?” My only answer is to beam. I grin like a lunatic, and do a little dance, and say something inanely cheerful. I wake up smiling, in the dark, at 6am, ready to get to … Read More ›

August 17, 2017

To the Next Forty

In two weeks, I will be something I never thought I could ever accomplish: I will be a self-employed, entrepreneurial, full-time working artist. So far, this has been the story of my career: I was born, I grew up, I began working for the college I graduated from, and now … Read More ›

July 16, 2017


It’s funny how one day can suddenly create focus. I’ve half-written a few draft posts labelled “confused” and “unfocused” and was unable to get anywhere with them. But this week my doctor gave me some information, and my boss gave me some different information within a couple of hours, and suddenly everything … Read More ›

June 2, 2017


Doing mindless tasks at work leaves my mind open. I generally listen to Louis CK comedy recordings to keep my mind from flipping out but recently I forgot. And suddenly I was overwhelmed by the huge, huge list of Things I Wish I Could Do. Off the top of my … Read More ›

May 11, 2017


Every now and then – after months of snow or weeks of rain (god, this rain needs to stop) – I wonder why I live in a place where the weather makes me ache, and I think about picking up and moving to Spain. Recently, however, I read an article that … Read More ›

May 10, 2017


Much like my Pisces sign, I’m swirling in uncertainty, going in two directions in just about every aspect of my life. My job is both excellent and terrible. My business is both successful and failing. My mental self is full of both confidence and self-doubt. My body is so completely unpredictable that … Read More ›

May 8, 2017

The Hole in the Boat

I went to a workshop one time about success as a woman in business. It was more life-coach-y than I expected, lots of woo-woo when I was hoping it would have concrete steps to success. However, one moment sticks out. “Imagine yourself in a boat,” says the coordinator. “You’re going … Read More ›

May 3, 2017


It’s interesting how different people live their lives. S&S got home and instead of turning into a hermit pile of wet rags as I would have done, they invited us for supper, unpacked, started doing laundry, cleaned the bathroom mirrors, and got themselves out to the local coffee shop to … Read More ›

April 28, 2017