I had a big project at work today so I wasn’t in and out of my chair as often as I normally would – sitting in one place for eight hours has caused my knees and neck and hands to seize up. Ibuprofen to the rescue! One hopes, at least. … Read More ›

May 14, 2009


I feel like I want to make jewellery again but I’m not getting the motivation for it. I have ideas and plans and instead I sit on the couch. Today and last night I made a few heart pendants (which sell like crazy, go figure) but my hand is actually … Read More ›

March 21, 2008

Jewellery Journal

I seem to be posting a lot of jewellery news here, and it’s sort of not the right place to do that. It will instead be at a new journal page, which I wanted to host on but I got fed up with the technical bits and just set … Read More ›

January 21, 2007

Some Pretties

I think I screwed up my camera settings; pictures keep coming out all grainy and I have to resize and de-noise and brighten and colour correct, and it’s no fun whatsoever. But! Look! A necklace that could be worn as a crown: And a commission for my friend Elinor, called … Read More ›

January 21, 2007

Light Box Again

I’m struggling with my light box – I burnt out a bulb yesterday and got a replacement today, plus a side lamp, but it still doesn’t seem to be bright enough. Or angled properly. Or something. Anyway. I needed to take some photos to be featured on Arts North, so … Read More ›

January 14, 2007

Light Box!

I followed (vaguely) some instructions for creating your own light box today. Basically, I cut out the sides of a box, covered them in tissue paper, and inserted a piece of white cardboard for a backdrop. I still need to play with it, but I’m very pleased. At first, I … Read More ›

January 13, 2007

Craft Market – Afterwards

So the show! Had to load and unload the car in the pouring rain; had a four-hour set-up that was completely killer on the back and knees and feet on the concrete floors, which became a recurring theme throughout the weekend. BUT we suffer for our art, no? I think … Read More ›

December 6, 2006