Thank cripes. I finally figured out what my username/password was for this wordpress site. Jeepers! The things you lose in a hard drive failure (ugh). It’s been quite a while, I know. Lots going on, and yet nothing at all: Been seeing a few boys; some just your regular boy, … Read More ›

October 14, 2006

The Cure for What Ails You

My cousins have lots of babies. They have lots of pretty babies. Three cousins had a girl each within a year of each other; the next year, another girl and twin boys arrived. Today I’d like to share with you: the twins. They’re four months old. I just spent three … Read More ›

July 13, 2006

Staff Party and Presents Therefrom

I had a 10-hour staff party on the Mira (River) yesterday. Very fun! I took home three things: A balloon puppy: Nine jillion mosquito bites: (itchitchOWOWOWSCRATCHITDAMMIT) And a jacket! With my name on it! And I’m a SENIOR Instructor! To hell with all those REGULAR Instructors, says my jacket! This … Read More ›

July 9, 2006


Beeeeeeeeeeeach.  I was talking to my friend Colleen about jewellery and such when I remembered what I wanted to do today: Beachcombing! My mom got her shoes and made a lunch when I wasn’t looking (thank goodness!) and brought two hats and I grabbed my sunblock and a couple of … Read More ›

July 3, 2006

I forgot!

She’s a 2000 VW Golf 5-speed. Her name is Delilah. We’ve been having a great time. She costs $45 to fill up and has a 50-litre tank and she’ll take me nearly six hundred kilometres before she’s hungry again. Why “Delilah”? Well, here’s the conversation where my friend spent literally … Read More ›

July 2, 2006

Two Things

One: … a bunch of elementary school kids doing rap. It’s the most amazing thing, First Ladies’ Anthem in particular. Two: My! New! Car! I’m so excited I’ve been squeaking for five days. Eat that, Honda and your unhelpful sales guy!

June 22, 2006

June Fourteenth

I thought I could go to work today, this year. But every time I thought of being there and walking past the spot where I saw my parents when they came to get me, my insides would clench. So I just can’t be there. Not today. Ok, ow, I can’t … Read More ›

June 14, 2006


Mmm, beads: I’m definitely feeling creative NOW. I’ve got a few commissions on the go, and I was just sort of bleah about them, but OH LOOKIT HOW PRETTY.   What? It could be worse. I could be drinking and gambling!

June 5, 2006


A semi-friend (ie we only communicate through journal posts, although I think she’s rockin’ cool) posted in her journal that she wanted to give more to charity but wasn’t sure which charities or how to be of help with very little money. That got me thinking. I’m really slack with … Read More ›

April 28, 2006

Media. And then random.

I need to keep the door closed from our “media” room (two computers, my tv & surround system) against the noise from across the hallway in my parents’ tv room. The TV invades my head and tears pieces out while jumbling the rest. — A boy – the barely-still-teenaged brother … Read More ›

April 22, 2006