Jewellery Journal

I seem to be posting a lot of jewellery news here, and it’s sort of not the right place to do that. It will instead be at a new journal page, which I wanted to host on but I got fed up with the technical bits and just set … Read More ›

January 21, 2007

Light Box Again

I’m struggling with my light box – I burnt out a bulb yesterday and got a replacement today, plus a side lamp, but it still doesn’t seem to be bright enough. Or angled properly. Or something. Anyway. I needed to take some photos to be featured on Arts North, so … Read More ›

January 14, 2007

Light Box!

I followed (vaguely) some instructions for creating your own light box today. Basically, I cut out the sides of a box, covered them in tissue paper, and inserted a piece of white cardboard for a backdrop. I still need to play with it, but I’m very pleased. At first, I … Read More ›

January 13, 2007

Not exactly a resolution…

“Resolutions” never quite turn out the way you expect. This year, I have an experiment I want to try. I want to keep track of and possibly even review every single book I read. I want to know how many books I read in a year, total, how many are new, and … Read More ›

January 2, 2007

Craft Market – Afterwards

So the show! Had to load and unload the car in the pouring rain; had a four-hour set-up that was completely killer on the back and knees and feet on the concrete floors, which became a recurring theme throughout the weekend. BUT we suffer for our art, no? I think … Read More ›

December 6, 2006

Gift Help

Just for those very few of you who might want to buy me something this holiday season – Hey, I know it’s hard trying to buy stuff for people. To help out, here’s my list of DVDs I’m planning to buy at some point. 😀

November 22, 2006

Christmas at Victoria Park

So I’m a bit of a knucklehead. I wanted to send out notice to people I know locally that I’ll be selling my jewellery at the market this weekend. I spent 20 minutes gathering emails from different email programs and my MSN contacts. I wrote the email verrrry carefully. Then … Read More ›

November 21, 2006


Oh you guys I just got these shoes and I could just about die.

October 26, 2006

Jewellery Show Preview

Preview!    175 pieces. Not nearly enough. I have GOT to get back to work. BUT it only took about an hour to take all those photos, and I only had to delete two for being out of focus. Not bad, not bad at all. Show: November 24, 25, 26, … Read More ›

October 21, 2006

I’m easy.

A new friend of mine said the other day that it must be really hard to be me. I was just in the middle of typing some sort of negation when he clarified by saying that I am so easy and open about things and so many other people are … Read More ›

October 16, 2006