Doing mindless tasks at work leaves my mind open. I generally listen to Louis CK comedy recordings to keep my mind from flipping out but recently I forgot. And suddenly I was overwhelmed by the huge, huge list of Things I Wish I Could Do. Off the top of my … Read More ›

May 11, 2017

The Hole in the Boat

I went to a workshop one time about success as a woman in business. It was more life-coach-y than I expected, lots of woo-woo when I was hoping it would have concrete steps to success. However, one moment sticks out. “Imagine yourself in a boat,” says the coordinator. “You’re going … Read More ›

May 3, 2017

Adventures in Capitalism

I’ve been trying so hard lately to get rid of stuff. I have far too many things for one person. Especially one person who only has 2.5 rooms to put them in. Mom and Dad just tore apart the Media Room (my .5) to fix the plaster walls and ceiling … Read More ›

April 13, 2008