Doing mindless tasks at work leaves my mind open. I generally listen to Louis CK comedy recordings to keep my mind from flipping out but recently I forgot.

And suddenly I was overwhelmed by the huge, huge list of Things I Wish I Could Do. Off the top of my head:

  1. write another book
  2. get the online shop going
  3. more youtube videos
  4. more pdf tutorials
  5. create line of jewellery inspired by Paris
  6. another line inspired by a Saxon exhibit I saw in Bristol
  7. create classes for Udemy, craft university, etc etc etc
  8. refresh my online kits
  9. create my own website that can sell my and others’ tutorials and classes
  10. actually make some frickin’ stuff

JUST TO START WITH. My Trello list is much, much larger.

No wonder I’m tired all the time.