Vignettes of Love

I possibly have the greatest husband in all of history. This morning he needed to drop his car at the shop, and I got up early to drive him to work on my way to the office. He has this delightful habit of singing ridiculous nonsense at the top of his considerable … Read More ›

April 27, 2017


Waiting is not a strong point of mine. Two of My People moved away on sabbatical last June and, despite a 2-week visit with them in February, I am aching for them to get home. I can now count their arrival in hours, not months or weeks or days, and somehow … Read More ›

April 26, 2017


I’m not sure where to go but I want to write again. This is my first quiet stab at it in years. Facebook killed the journal star! For now, I want to whine a little that I found a reliable method for pain relief – swimming – but my current … Read More ›

November 24, 2014

The Great Kitchen Unfuckening 2013!

In the tradition of Unfuck Your Habitat I went bananas on our kitchen last weekend. We were getting a new fridge which was bigger than the last one, plus we had acquired several new small appliances in the past several months. So to get the fridge in I had to … Read More ›

February 7, 2013

Canada’s Food Guide Kicks Ass

I’ve been planning my meals the night before, following Canada’s Food Guide, feeling full and having delicious meals, and losing about a pound a day since last week.

November 18, 2009

Three More Sleeps

Friday is closing. Number of rooms I have to pack up: 3.5 Number of boxes I’ve started packing: 0   I’m not panicking.

May 26, 2009


I had a big project at work today so I wasn’t in and out of my chair as often as I normally would – sitting in one place for eight hours has caused my knees and neck and hands to seize up. Ibuprofen to the rescue! One hopes, at least. … Read More ›

May 14, 2009


Laird and I bought this house!!!!!!! Wait, that’s not enough exclamation points.   HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

May 11, 2009


All I’ve done so far in 2009 is complain – I’m sick, I’m sore, I want a house – but I haven’t actually done anything to improve upon my situation. Change is slow with me. I did some research into mortgages this week, and actually contacted a mortgage specialist. I … Read More ›

February 16, 2009


Everybody knows I’ve got a bad knee. My right knee was twisted when I was a teenager, operated on in my early 20s, and never fully healed. Last November it gave out entirely for some unknown reason. In addition, my right arm, from neck to fingertips, hurts on a daily … Read More ›

December 4, 2008