Everybody knows I’ve got a bad knee. My right knee was twisted when I was a teenager, operated on in my early 20s, and never fully healed. Last November it gave out entirely for some unknown reason.

In addition, my right arm, from neck to fingertips, hurts on a daily basis. 8+ hours of computer use with most of the rest of the day spent making jewellery will do that to a girl.

Which is all fine and normal. Until Monday evening. I got into my car after work and pushed on the little footrest next to the clutch to shove myself upwards – I was rearranging my ass, or straightening my coat? I don’t really know what I was doing. But a screeching lightning bolt shot through my knee. My left knee. I thought I could shake it off so I tried; no go. I had just told a co-worker I’d meet her at the mall. I tried to call her but got no answer. I figured it was no big deal so off I went.

Big mistake.

Every time I shifted, I screamed.

By the time I got to the mall (really just 3 or 4 minutes) I was sooo over the driving thing. Luckily, Laird phoned me on the way and he was AT the mall for a different reason. I got him to meet me… and then drive me home. I left my poor car in the parking lot.

I got home and sat down and cried and cried and cried. 3/4 of my body was now officially broken.

Laird and my parents finally got me calmed down but oh, it was hard. Being broken is something that stresses me out if I think about it too much, so I tend not to think about it – but suddenly I was broken all over.

We called my cousin who is a physiotherapist and she thought it sounded like a pulled or torn ligament. She suggested ice and rest, and probably a doctor’s visit. My dad had an appointment the next day so I called and got in with him.

My amazing doctor listened and poked and prodded and declared a sprained knee, which is a pulled or torn ligament. She prescribed rest, icing, and ibuprofen.

I’ve been home since Tuesday and I’m going mad. Hopefully tomorrow I can make it up the stairs at work (no elevator), at least to the second floor – they’ll be moving my computer down a floor for me.

So now I’m using my grandfather’s cane, limping severely, wrecking my other knee which had been doing well. And of course, the cane is having an impact on my other hand. So my one remaining limb will be destroyed by the time I can walk again.

I’m such a whiner. But Oh man. It hurts.