Did I not mention the promotion?

So, er, yeah. I got promoted! No raise just yet, but I did get a bonus in the form of an Eee PC two weeks beforehand, and I’m sure the $$ is coming. Also, they didn’t exactly call it a promotion but that’s what it feels like to me.

They’ve created a Research & Development department, and it’s basically… me. I hired (me! I did the hiring!) someone to replace me for student work and I NO LONGER HAVE ANY STUDENTS. The moment I realized this – about six days ago – I had an amazing rush of adrenaline. I was pretty high for a bit. It means my phone doesn’t ring, I don’t have any whining people to take care of, no more boring (or brain-numbingly bad) assignments to mark, no more chasing grown adults to do their homework, none of it.

My day now goes like this:

Work on project*
Work on different project
Invent new project to work on
Work on original project again
Look up, realize it’s lunch time, eat
Play on the internet to find new ideas
Have more projects added to my list
Get asked for my opinion on any of the above
Work on projects some more
Look up, realize it’s 5:15, and go home!

*said “project” could include: develop new programs, order new books to review, review said books, create visual email signatures for all, learn about guerrilla marketing or SEO (helpful to have in my brain for my own site!), test new software such as webinars or learning management systems, write articles or announcements, figure out new ways of helping the students (without having to actually DO IT), streamline procedures, update the websites, post to a design blog, create new advertising/marketing materials, etc etc etc (PS these are all examples from today only).