Maybe Teaching?

Working with a friend to redesign her website; she’s an artist and wants sections for a gallery, a shop, a tutorials. And I remembered tutorials. Teaching. I wrote a goddamn book that has sold over twenty thousand copies in four freaking languages. My youtube channel has nearly 2 million views. Sixteen thousand subscribers. That’s not nothing. I remembered that when I was choosing my path a few years ago, I had a fork: production, or teaching. And I remembered thinking partway through that I’d chosen the wrong path.

Maybe it’s not too late to choose again? Maybe I can use some time to start filming again. Write more tutorials, maybe start another book. If the goal is to show others what’s possible, and not to sell what I make, then maybe it’s not pointless after all. Maybe that’s enough of a reason to make the effort to clean the space, fix my broken tools, give my materials respect.

Maybe it’s teaching?