Staff Party and Presents Therefrom

I had a 10-hour staff party on the Mira (River) yesterday. Very fun! I took home three things: A balloon puppy:

Nine jillion mosquito bites:

And a jacket! With my name on it! And I’m a SENIOR Instructor! To hell with all those REGULAR Instructors, says my jacket!

This is actually kind of neat. I’ve never had a jacket (or much of anything) with my name on it before. I wasn’t one for any sports, much less the team kind. I kind of see why they do that, now – I DO feel part of a team. Part of something bigger. An IMPORTANT part of something bigger. Also, it doesn’t hurt that I had a little something to do with re-working our logo for these jackets. Even cooler is the logo for our sister company which I did entirely myself and which will be plastered all over the new company van that my friend gets to drive and over which logo the embroidery/van plastering guy swooned. I kept staring at the two people wearing the other jackets with “my” logo on ’em, because I love looking at my work, and seeing it in this new format is really nifty.

In other news, I might be having a more eventful summer than I thought, travel-wise. I’ll probably be in Ontario at the end of July and in New York State in August! There’s a Ren Faire to which Otter is going and it’s during a week of vacation I’d already booked. Oooooh.