Cape Breton Springs are crazy.

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This evening:

Also. I totally forgot to tell you! I bought a new camera a couple of weeks ago. When the office flooded and they told me to stay home, the sun was shining and it was gorgeous out, so I grabbed my iPod and hit the road walkin’. I ended up at the camera store and bought myself a shmancy new Pentax Optio S6. I’ve been wanting this camera for EVER (well, earlier versions, obviously). I totally adore the one Kevin bought me and it takes magnificent photos of my jewellery, but I hate carrying it anywhere because it’s so bulky.

But my lovely Optio S6 is the size of a credit card. It fits into the iPod sock I had originally purchased for my Nano – now I need a pink one for my actual iPod. So anyway, yeah, it’s teeny, smaller than my wallet (which also gets so bulky I don’t want to carry it). It’s 6MP. It’s got the largest LCD screen I’ve ever seen on a camera. It’s beautiful.

In addition! The new version of WordPress, with AJAX and whatnot? LOVE. IT.