Random Photos

I have my own computer back. It’s only got 40G of space and no secondary drive whatsoever, and I honestly at this point have no idea what kind of any specs it has anymore; but it works and it’s here, and I realized I could finally dump my photo cards! Clearly, since life and data are fleeting, I then immediately backed them up onto CD. I decided I needed another wee CD binder for my backups and headed to the dollar store, where I found to my delight these colourful retro-design cases! Instead of one, I bought all three and formulated a plan for organization and labelling which makes me far too happy:

Oh, and Bunny is from an online pattern and some very soft fleecy material, that I made a long while ago. Anyway, while I was dumping out cards, I came across a plethora of interesting images that I thought I’d share!

First, I discovered some wonderful frost patterns on our back steps the other morning. I’ve never seen such things on wood!

Next! I have been feeling beautiful lately, mostly because I have a man who tells me that I am and I can see it in his eyes; so much so that when I look in the mirror, even I see it, which has never happened to me before. Anyway, I was trying on a shirt and thought, DAMN, I look good, so I took a picture to prove it :D.

My younger brother Al and I went on a little photo-taking expedition this winter, trying to prove whose camera was cooler. His zoom capabilities make me ill, but my focus worked quicker. I got these two shots of the sunset over the harbour and a nest of windmills, which some people bitched about but which I think have a real beauty to them. It was SO COLD that day, I’m shivering just thinking about it.

And finally, a picture of my corner of our media room, after buying and setting up my new TV and cleaning the whole room over the holidays. It’s not nearly this neat for more than ten minutes at a time, and it’s in a state of sad disrepair at the moment. But tv! Pretty!