New Toy!

I just got me a fantastic deal on an IBM Thinkpad r40. $400 for a laptop, dude! And it’s smoking fast for such a tiny, older machine. I’m typing this from my bedroom. Whee!

It’s really going to be for my studio, so that when I take photos of my jewellery I can look at and edit them – and even update my site shop immediately – instead of taking everything apart and running downstairs and then realizing that I need to take them again and coming back upstairs… this will just be much easier. I’ve got it networked so that I don’t even need to use this hard drive, I can simply put the photos directly in the folder I always put them in, on my desktop downstairs.


It’s black, and I kind of want to get some vinyl decals for it in my “70s circle gayle bird designs” style. Of course, I’ve wanted to get something vinyl for my car for a year now and haven’t done that yet, either. But my car vinyls I want to be all white, and in a pattern I haven’t figured out yet.

The Marconi craft show is next week.. “the big one”, as they call it. I’m a little excited. I think it’s going to go very, very well. This laptop was my pre-present 😉

Anyway. I’m still half awake, and I haven’t plugged this in yet and I really need to head downstairs for breakfast. I really just wanted to post here because I can.