June Fourteenth

I thought I could go to work today, this year. But every time I thought of being there and walking past the spot where I saw my parents when they came to get me, my insides would clench. So I just can’t be there. Not today.

Ok, ow, I can’t read those old entries. They’re just linked for those who aren’t in the know. Today, I’m relaxing, trying to remember the few days I had in his company throughout his short life, and desperately trying to remember his laugh and trying not to cry.

I’m going to walk down to the waterfront and do a bit of work with some shop folk regarding their website. It’s a nice day, and the work should keep me occupied for a little while. I haven’t done a website for a committee-type group in a long, long while – this should be interesting : )

Ok. Think good thoughts for me, OK?