I’m easy.

A new friend of mine said the other day that it must be really hard to be me. I was just in the middle of typing some sort of negation when he clarified by saying that I am so easy and open about things and so many other people are all freaked out and screwed up. I stopped, backspaced over what I’d typed, and said that actually, that’s very true. I’m flexible and most things don’t bother me, but I find a lot of people get out of gear over things that seem little to me.

Whenever a friend is stressed out about something, I tell the story of my nephew and how my brother and his wife have to live with those memories every day; the moral of the story being that LIFE IS NOT THAT HARD. Most things are little things. True tragedy has given me a perspective some people lack, and I feel like Ethan is helping me to spread the word that mostly? It’s all little stuff.