I guess it’s… Easter?

I’m soooo out of touch with my birth-religion these days. Everybody’s all, “Happy Easter!” and I’m like, “…what? Oh! Right.”  To me, it’s just a day off work. I’m such a godless heathen. Don’t you just love it?

My biggest concern at this juncture is what the hell I’m going to eat for the next three days. I’ve already been having the weirdest, thrown-together lunches all week – crackers and peanut butter with a side of chocolate-flavoured soy drink one day; leftover kraft dinner with two slices of baloney another; a can of no-name alphagetti a third. I’m really scraping the bottom of the cupboard.

There are no stores open today, people are going to be consumer-crazy tomorrow (NOTHING makes me more frustrated than a mall full of people just before/after a holiday) so that I won’t want to be near anywhere. I’ll be eating crackers and peanut butter again, I guess! I think maybe there’s a can of beans somewhere… ugh. What I really want is some fresh ground beef so I can make taco dip. yum. Maybe I’ll have to brave the stores… or maybe my dad will track down a small grocery store that’s open today, he’s out now.

Ooh, I hear his voice now… ohhh, I hope something’s open! See you!