A semi-friend (ie we only communicate through journal posts, although I think she’s rockin’ cool) posted in her journal that she wanted to give more to charity but wasn’t sure which charities or how to be of help with very little money.

That got me thinking. I’m really slack with helping people. My activist cred is zero. I’m not involved with the NDP anymore (I always vote NDP, but the bureaucracy [ha! I typed bureaucrazy] can kiss my ass), even though I used to be on the provincial council and was one-half of the editorial board. I used to be on the board at Planned Parenthood, but my work schedule changed and conflicted with their monthly meetings. I do give to the MS Walk every year, as someone close to me suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, but aside from that, I’m apparently a selfish lazy cow. 

A couple of summers ago I was walking down the street and stopped dead in front of the Adult Literacy office, which I didn’t know existed. As an instructor at a school where students rely almost exclusively on the written word, I am well aware of the literacy problems in this country. I’m convinced that 80% of the phone calls and emails I are because the student either can’t or won’t read (or comprehend) what’s in front of them. The school system doesn’t help – ack, I can’t get into it, my fingers are cold and it hurts to type. Suffice it to say, I’m not pleased with the Dept. of Ed’s view of how to educate its charges.

Anyway, back to the front of the Literacy office. I almost walked right in and volunteered, but I was chicken. By the time I got the gumption to go back, they weren’t at that location anymore.

As I told a much shorter version of this story in the comments to my semi-friend’s journal, I thought, hey stupid, go find out what you can do! So I looked up the Cape Breton Literacy Network, and composed a quick email asking how I could help. I am a certified Train-The-Trainer, after all. If nothing else, I can help with the website.

I feel a smidge better.