Adventures in Capitalism

I’ve been trying so hard lately to get rid of stuff. I have far too many things for one person. Especially one person who only has 2.5 rooms to put them in.

Mom and Dad just tore apart the Media Room (my .5) to fix the plaster walls and ceiling and paint it. It’s a lovely dusky-rose-brown (there’s no name to it – mom bought the paint, got it on the wall, panicked at how dark it was, and mixed in some leftover white and purple from the hallway). I was DETERMINED to not put back everything that was in here, and I think I did a pretty damn good job.

Project DVD: My DVD rack with 150+ movies is now GONE. I took all my movies (minus special boxed sets like Firefly, LotR, etc), bought a CD binder, cut all the covers to fit the CD slots, and transferred everything over.

Project Bookcase: Instead of cramming every last shelf with books, I put up my boxed sets and left room for two pieces of art by local artists. It’s now pretty and makes me happy.

Project Desk: I spent an agonizing hour re-wiring my computer desk area, but the powerbar is now hanging from the back of my desk and there are no wires on the floor. There also are now only three things on my desk: the monitor, the lamp, and five small, useful books with a bookend to hold up the modem and router because they kept falling over.

Project Closet: Mom cleaned out the closet to the degree where Dad could put up shelves. All of my design books plus all of the printer papers (including specialty ones) are now in there. Along with my binder of CDs (a previous project) and my binder of DVDs! I hung up a push-on LED light in there last night and it’s perfect.

Project Shelves: I didn’t put ANY books on the shelves above my desk. I have nearly everything in baskets. My expanding files are labeled and neatly placed. I found a magazine box for $3 and it’s holding loose papers. And I left enough space to put up the red chinese lamp I’ve had dumped in a corner for so long!

Project Filing Cabinet: I actually EMPTIED and REMOVED the filing cabinet that was jammed in the closet. My relevant papers are in the desk drawer; the irrelevant papers are shredded.

I feel lighter. The room definitely looks better (although I still have some debris to clear up today). I have two boxes of things to give away. I found two matured $100 Canada Savings Bonds worth over $160 each at the bottom of a chest. Life is grand!

Despite all that Getting Rid Of Things mantra, I did manage to buy two new things yesterday. I couldn’t help it!

First, a hand-held finger mouse for my Eee PC, which I use mainly while in bed:


It is, unfortunately, pink. Blah. But it works quite well and I don’t have to hurt myself with that freaking trackpad any more!

Second, something I’ve wanted for a long time:


A gorillapod!! I got the wee original one for my tiny Pentax (which fits in an altoid can, by the way! Right now it’s a Runts tin I found at the candy shop in Halifax). I LOVE this thing. As soon as I got it I started attaching it to my steering wheel, the rearview mirror, Laird’s face.. it’s awesome.