A note to my loved ones

Dear Everybody I Love,

The heat wave that’s been plaguing the continent has finally noticed the northeast coast. It’s been 30 degrees and not raining for two whole days in a row! I’m off to swim shortly but I felt like updating.

Life has never been this good, and I only expect it to keep getting better. Work is great (well, you know, for something called “work”); I’ve got time and freedom to innovate products and schemes to make my life and many others’ more productive, plus I’m being truly appreciated for what I do there. It feels good.

Laird and I are still in the stupidly happy phase, grossing out small children and adults alike with our giddy pleasure in each other’s company. We have dozens of dumb in-jokes that make us laugh for hours and which never stop being funny.

I still miss Shauna more than I can write about. It keeps me from calling her sometimes, it hurts too much to talk to her and not be able to hang out. I know that’s stupid and it’s making it worse but I can’t help it.

I’ve also taken it upon myself to seriously learn some real Tarot reading. I’ve dabbled, but my Reflections deck is so gorgeous I just want to be inside it, and this weekend I came across a Tarot Journalling book I’d bought at Little Mysteries last time I was in Halifax. Coincidentally, I also completely cleaned, gutted and organized my studio on the weekend (hence finding books I’d forgotten about!) so I had a lovely clean workspace on which to lay out my cards and really dig into the book. I’ve begun by writing anything that strikes my fancy into a 8.5×5.5 Moleskine notebook I had lying around. The idea in the beginning, for me, is to learn what the cards mean – like, really learn them.

For instance, I had no idea that the numbers actually meant something. I mean, I knew that the individual cards had meaning but I didn’t understand that the meaning came from the numbers plus the suit symbols – the numbers weren’t just a way of organizing the cards at all. And they make sense. A two is all about duality; the 10s are the finish of one cycle and the start of a new one; a three is about losing balance and a four is about regaining it. Making sense is soooo the key to me remembering things.

I’m also using this opportunity to create a more visual journal, something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. I’ve got my trusty little coloured pencils and I’m drawing symbols and such around the words I write.. hopefully to get much more elaborate and creative as I go. I haven’t drawn anything in ages!

I’m having quite a bit of fun. And now it’s time to buy some BBQ hotdogs and head to the pool!

Love to all 🙂