Just one’a those things

I don’t really have a story to tell, I just feel like writing. So here I am. I know y’all must LOVE those random, going-nowhere posts, hey?

Working in a building where the bottom six inches of everything is ruined, tore up, ripped out or sticky with tar is interesting. With the flood a couple of weeks ago, all the carpets are ripped up, and in some places, they didn’t do so well with the cleaning up of the glue that was holding it down. I’m lucky – my office not only had the least amount of water across the board, but it also had 3/4 of a tile floor underneath ugly-ass carpets. But every time I try to visit someone to discuss work (or whatever! hush!), I end up with my feet firmly stuck to the floor. It’s disconcerting, to say the least.

I wanted to head to Halifax on Friday since it’s Easter; my plan was to jump a shuttle bus early Friday morning, come home Sunday afternoon, and veg out / do laundry on Monday. BUT we were informed yesterday that we do not have Monday off. Fuck. That makes me cranky, and so I’m not going. Three days is just not worth it when you have to work immediately afterward. I just know I’d end up out until 3am two nights in a row, and my sleep schedule is already fucked up enough (thanks for NOTHING, Sanford Fleming) and I’m already exhausted enough to make a trip just now entirely unappealing. I have a feeling Shauna is going to be most displeased.

However, Davey will be here (YAY) so I at least won’t spend the weekend bored in my room. He’ll come get me for something. Right? RIGHT?

I find myself plenty busy these days anyway. I’ve been on a few dates – some successful, some not so much. But at least I’m getting OUT. Someone I’ve been wanting to see for quite a while who lives a couple of hours away will be in town in a couple of hours, actually, so we’re going for coffee and such when he gets here. WHICH reminds me, I have to run. Gotta eat!