Book #1: Christ the Lord Out of Egypt, by Anne Rice

And book number one is complete! I’ve got a whole boxful of new books from a carefully applied gift card I got from my brother and sister(in-law) for xmas. Now I need to decide what’s next!

I finished this book before I knew it was over; there were 30 pages of author’s notes afterwards, almost as interesting as the book itself, discussing Rice’s loss of faith during college, and how she regained it a few years ago.

The novel is a first-person narrative by Jesus Christ of Nazareth, in his seventh year, coming to terms with being the Son of God. The writing is very restrained and simple, completely devoid of Rice’s usual plush surroundings; the sentence structure is simple and plain, and it was jarring sometimes – but I was fascinated just the same. I get the impression that she intends to write nothing but books for “the Lord” from now on; which is disappointing, but I’ll read anything she writes, so I’m kind of at her mercy.

I’m off to lend this book to a good friend whom I lovingly call a “Jesus-freak.”

339 pages.